The fixed denture is to reconstruct a damaged or extracted tooth. Prostheses or crowns are fixed on a natural tooth root or implant. Dentovive uses the CEREC process developed by the ETH Zurich in 1985. This treatment is applied at the cabinet with a more comfortable digital footprint for the patient, and directly shapes the prosthesis in minutes for immediate installation in the mouth. Veneers can be shaped according to the color and shape of the teeth. Dentovive is very attentive to the use of non-toxic materials.

The removable denture can replace one or more teeth and can be removed. In both cases concern also focus on aesthetics not only the teeth but the whole patient's face.

""Aesthetic pleasure is to be an intelligent fun", José Ortega y Gasset.

Toxicity, thanks to Oligoscan, it is now possible in few minutes to establish a precise report on heavy metals in the tissues and ensure balance and compatibility with the treatments.


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