Our basic principle is to preserve the patient's natural teeth. However, certain pathologies require tooth extraction. Care protocols such as bone or tissue graft are made and actions are performed by specialists in oral surgery and implantology.

A successful implant treatment depends on several factors. First medical, surgical technique and biocompatibility of implant components are crucial in healing after implant placement. The long-term success of an implant treatment involves good preservation of the integration of the implant in the receiving structure. Microbial challenge in the oral environment can cause pathological reactions in peri-implant tissues and compromising the integration of the implant. Therefore, the prevention of the disease is a key factor to preserve the supporting tissues around the implants. The use of Straumann implants guarantees a very high precision and quality manufacturing.

On the other hand, aesthetics for an overall result with which the patient will be more in line with its inner and outer beauty.


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