How to clarify and summarize: health, illness, wellness, aesthetics, quality of life in the field of dentistry ? The answer may vary according to various contexts, social, cultural, educational and personal opinion.

Oral health is not the absence of oral or facial pain but in a state of well-being functional, social, psychological and economic.

""Health, dynamic process, is one of the elements which, according to WHO, influences the quality of life and is defined as follows: Quality of life is the way people perceive their position in life in the context of culture and value system where they live in relation to their goals, expectations, standards and concerns. This is a broad concept, which incorporates the physical health of a person complexly , psychological state, level of independence, social relationships, personal beliefs and relationship with important events in the environment. ""

The notion of perception is essential,it emphasized the subjective perspective of the person. It respects individual autonomy and acknowledges patients the opportunity to share what is best for them. There the quality of life when people feel that all their needs are met.

Whenever oral health is addressed, it does not focus solely on the oral cavity but on the overall situation of the patient. This approach requires the use of specific and distinctive values – Dentovive.

1. Holistic approach

Method of overall treatment of the person, which forms a whole, taking into account psychological and social factors in addition to the functional symptoms.

2. Communication and education

An approach based on a relationship with patients made an assessment of oral health starting with healthy teeth and gums. This assessment considers the lives of patients should not be affected by other factors that could limit his welfare : being able to eat, talk, smile and socialize without discomfort, inconvenience or restriction.

3. Technology intelligence

In the area of health, technology development can mainly be defined as the new instruments and medical equipment (Radio Panoramic 3D intraoral scanner), drugs or biological products (gingival graft), information technology, medical protocols and surgical, e-health, telehealth and nanotechnology. Dentovive’s practitioners are trained and constantly complement their knowledges and experience to understand technological developments and integrate them into care protocols.

(1) The Meikirch model, named after the nearby town of Berne where was elaborated the definition of health.


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